Dar Assalaam


The above sketches shows the design development of the concept


Design Alternatives

Existing Ground Floor Plan

Alternative Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Existing First Floor Plan

The building will serve the needs of the Muslim Community in Grantham.

The aim is to reinterpret Islamic architecture in the 21st Century in modern Britain. The building to be contextual relating to the surrounding buildings’ height.

The aim has never been to copy the past or import a specific look into Grantham but to fuse both cultures and produce a cultural building of its time using today’s technology.

Renewable Energy

The building will be energy efficient, the toilet block will house roof mounted wind turbines to power the toilets passive ventilation. The water from the wash basins will filtered and used in the toilets. Hot water will be produced using solar hot water panels. The heating to the buildings will be achieved using ground heat pump. Rainwater will be collected and reused.

Alternative Proposed First Floor Plan

Proposed Second Floor Plan

Proposed First Floor Plan

Proposed Ground Floor Plan